Bryan and Randy met when they were 13 and 14 years old on the stage of a junior high school auditorium. Bryan was already the leader of the band that was onstage that Friday, and Randy knew he wanted to be in it. On Saturday afternoon, Randy came to Bryan's house, which had a music studio in the back. The two played their electric guitars together (at very high volume) all day, and struck up a friendship that would turn out to be life-long.  Randy officially became a member of “Black Mist”, and the band spent the next years writing songs and playing out wherever they could. Scott Steele was a classmate of Bryan and Randy’s, all being from the same north Texas town of Plano. They were all musicians, and friends with one another, but did not play in the same bands. 

While Scott was at college, he decided to start a band which would later become 7. He left college and came back to Plano where he recruited Bryan for the guitar position.  Randy came back from New York City where he had been living and contacted Bryan, who invited him to come out and see the new band he was working with. Randy joined the band as vocalist and keyboardist. It was Scott who first suggested the band be called 7, and after several drummers came and went from the band, Michael Landino joined to create the current lineup. 

With the chaotic, self-destructive nature of the music industry going from cycle to cycle, 7 chose to focus their musical energies around the classic sound of the early to mid-'70's. That period of free form radio gave birth to bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis, YES, ELP and Jethro Tull. With no self-imposed restrictions on their musical direction, 7 clung to the belief that the beauty of the song, the art in which it was created, those ideas were essential in laying a foundation in which to build a band from. It was that singular idea that became the unifying, driving force behind the power of 7. 

7 is a hybrid of the musical freedom the music industry once enjoyed. After years of writing, recording, producing and performing their own works, 7's efforts were brought together in a single musical direction, merging powerful, dynamic arrangements with inspired lyrical meaning that decidedly transcends the cynical, negative sounds and styles present in so much of today’s rock music. 

7 Is: 

Bryan Timm - guitars, vocals 

Randy Copus - lead vocals, keyboards 

Scott Steele - bass 

Michael Landino – drums