1. Are You Ready

From the recording Time Will Tell

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Are you Ready

Holding high in a new age revolution
Setting sail for the ever long way home
Inner life running rings around confusion
Are we losing our innocence alone

Shall we shed our tears for no one
It makes no difference in the end
There when love finds you
Break those chains that bind you

I stood alone
In the still light speed of silence
Every turn was a land of golden light
Seven dreams of a mortal life connection
Be ye rhythms that move beyond the night

And when the darkest night is over
And I hear your voice again
On this foundation
Let my destination rise

The vision still remains
For knowledge is
A power lost
To greet the sunrise

Are you ready
Are you ready for love
Are you ready
Are you ready for love

And the mission bell was ringing
For one generation gone
Signs spell dark weather
Shall we move together

The Seventh Dream remains
I’ve seen it flow forever
Beyond the winds of change
Within your silent water
The true immortal light
To cleanse the millions

Are you ready
Are you ready for love
Are you ready
Are you ready to rock and roll

Guiding light awaken
To a world that knows no time
The speed of light
Its nature
Is the dream of all mankind
One all attainable insight
To the mystery beyond
So high
So high
The magic light of the song
When you hear the music